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Navigating employment disputes within academic institutions with legal expertise.


Conducting thorough internal investigations to mitigate risk and resolve internal issues.


Assisting businesses with legal strategy, corporate formation, contracts, and compliance.


Representing victims of auto accidents to recover damages for their losses.


Pursuing justice for clients who have suffered personal injuries due to others’ negligence.


Facilitating effective resolution of disputes through mediation and arbitration.


Advocating for individuals with disabilities to secure their rights and benefits.

Assisting with zoning laws, land use regulations, and real estate development planning.

Advising educational institutions and individuals on legal matters within the education sector.

Holding medical professionals accountable for negligence and malpractice.

Navigating complex business disputes with strategic and results-oriented litigation.

Defending the rights and freedoms of individuals and organizations against infringement.

About Baldwin Legal Group, LLC

Committed to Legal Excellence

Baldwin Legal Group offers comprehensive legal services, emphasizing federal and multi-state litigation. Our dedicated team ensures each case is handled with the utmost care, prioritizing efficiency and client satisfaction. Trust in our legacy of excellence for all your legal needs.

Baltimore Office:

111 South Calvert Street
Suite 1805
Baltimore, Maryland, 21202

Annapolis Office:

191 Main Street
Suite 210
Annapolis, MD 21401

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